Standing with South Africa as we Rebuild

The team at Wallpaper Inn thanks you for your patience during a tumultuous time for our stores, and even more so, our country.

Due to the unsettling situation in the past 2 weeks, we were faced with delays with our delivery services, and forced to close our stores temporarily in response to the unrest and rioting in Johannesburg, KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape last week. We are thankful for our safety and that of our staff, and stand in solidarity with all retailers who have lost resources and in some cases their entire livelihood!

We understand that the unrest is a symptom of far greater forces of inequality at play in our beloved country, and we look towards a brighter future for all. Our reprieve is to see the resilience of the South African spirit and the commoradery that is being invoked at this national disaster! Often the media focusses on the division in our country but we choose to focus on the people volunteering to support and rebuild this great land of ours. We stand with South Africa as we rebuild - together!