How to choose the BEST Wallpaper designs for your Space

Wallpaper is now the "go to" of the modern, the sophisticated, and the on-trend. With the opulent patterns, designs and gorgeous murals available at Wallpaper Inn, the world is your oyster to decorate your home and make your living space a pleasure to live in.

Whether entrance hall, living room, passage, dining, lounge, bedroom or children’s bedrooms - we have something for every space – so let your house come alive with our wallpaper ranges.

Wallpaper can add beautiful dimension, texture and imagination to any space, whether big or small, dark or light. A touch of wallpaper can instil the personality that you desire to enthuse your home with a signature flair.

It is important to consider and choose the correct wallpaper designs for your specific space to ensure you get the best results.

Use wallpaper to accentuate any space. It really is up to personal taste and knowing what styles will work in your home and to infuse the right personality.

Things to consider when choosing for your space. Firstly the size of the room - Is it small, medium or large? Secondly what is the light like in the room - is it dark, moody or light? Natural or artificial? And last but not least, what makes you happy!

Non-feature walls and smaller spaces look elegant with smaller patters or plains. Use a texture to create subtle dimension. In larger rooms, either will work, however larger patterns can be enjoyed to the full.

For a feature or accent wall, use a mural or large design to create a focal point. This can be complimented with solid, pattern or textured wallpapers on the adjacent walls.

For darker, smaller spaces, choose lighter wallpapers. Papers with shimmer or sheen can be used to reflect light.

For bright rooms, one can play with a mixture of lights and darks, with the darker papers usually opposite the light source.

Peruse our wonderful wallpaper ranges available online Wallpaper Inn – or pop into one of our Wallpaper Inn stores situated in East London, Kyalami and Cape Town - we have something for absolutely everyone - you won't be disappointed!

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